retaining walls Vancouver, WA

The weather is warm and everyone is heading outside to enjoy it! Is your landscape setup for the ultimate in outdoor enjoyment? Now is the time of year to think about ways to increase the function and versatility of your outdoor space, while making it as beautiful as possible.

Consider incorporating stonework to your landscape. The perfect stone structure can add dimension, function and beauty to your backyard. Here are a few ideas to consider:

Patios: Stone patios are an easy choice. Made with quality pavers in any design you choose, they are the perfect entry point to your landscape. They connect your home to your yard and provide space for so many activities from barbeques to birthday parties. You could even add a firepit! Made with excellent materials and crafted by skilled professionals, patios from Frontier Landscaping are built to last.

circular pathway Camus, WA

Pathways: Another great use for pavers, a pathway provides access and accents to the landscape. They help divide up the space, visually, and offer a way to move through your yard with ease. Plant flowering perennials on either side of a pathway to really make it pop!

Retaining Walls: Retaining walls are the epitome of form and function. They help to make use of sloped landscapes, adding terracing to create planting beds. Retaining walls help prevent erosion and keep that soil in place. They are also great for dividing space and creating new planting beds. Wall design may include terracing, leveling, or even stone stairs. Frontier Landscaping uses the finest quality stones and bricks to build retaining walls that will last a lifetime. Learn more here.

What landscape elements do you want in your space? Call the team at Frontier Landscaping to discuss your ideas! We can get back to you with a free quote. Contact us here.