What could be better than hanging out in the backyard in the summertime? How about adding the sound of running water to your landscape for even more enjoyment? Imagine a babbling brook in the background of your barbeque parties. Or a quiet pond with koi swimming in between water lilies for morning contemplation.

Frontier Landscaping designs and installs a wide variety of gorgeous water features for all types of landscapes. We construct large complex waterscapes with multiple features and complimentary plants. But we can also install a simple bubbler or fountain to enhance your deck or porch. The choice is yours!

We use quality materials to install water features that run smoothly including beautiful stone work and quality pumps and hoses. When we begin your project, we will discuss the right plants to go in and around your water feature to compliment the design and give it a more natural feel. Many people choose to go for a tropical vibe in their gardens while others want to mimic northwest native waters. The options are only limited by the imagination! When your water feature has been installed, we can also help you take care of them (whether that is via our maintenance crew or just giving you instructions).

Frontier Landscaping builds custom water features for residential and commercial properties.

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