Beautiful Northwest Autumn

Photo Thanks to 7×7

What an incredible autumn so far! We have had some gorgeous, fall weather.  The Columbia River Gorge is awash with autumn splendor and, everywhere you look, the leaves are turning. However, that also means that they are falling to the ground and creating a mess for you, your neighbors and just about everyone.

Why Fall Clean-ups?

Don’t wait too long to get those leaves off the ground! Matted, old leaves start to mold and can choke and kill grass and (worst of all) attract rodents and slugs. Yikes! While we haven’t had too many storms yet, we all know they will be coming. Storms, rain, and wind bring down the fall leaves as well as loose branches and debris. It also brings an excess of water that needs to move freely.

Fall clean-up is important for the health of our watershed and waterways. Built-up debris can clog storm drains and cause back-ups. This can lead to local flooding (aka- your yard!) but can also create problem areas throughout the drains in the area, affecting the health of wildlife and the waterways.

Frontier can Help!

Fall Clean-ups from Frontier Landscaping

Many folks need help with fall clean-ups. Some people have a big yard, or a particularly messy tree. Some folks don’t have the time or ability to rake all those leaves. Whatever the reason, our dependable maintenance crew is here to help! We will rake and clean up your yard efficiently, including cleaning out storm drains and gutters to keep the water flowing. We take away all leaves, branches and debris and end with a sweep from our leaf blowers, for a polished finish.

We can take care of the needs of any property, whether it is a home, school, business or municipal property. We can provide you with a maintenance plan tailored to your specific needs, whether it is a one-time visit or an ongoing service.

Contact us today to get a quote on your yard!