Whether it feels like it or not, spring is on its way to the Northwest! Before you know it, the crocus and daffodil flowers will be up and the birds will be singing. It’s time to think about spring projects in your landscape. What does your property need this year?  Try custom retaining walls.

retaining walls

If your landscape needs definition or you have a hill that you don’t know what to do with, consider getting a retaining wall this year! A retaining wall just means any stone wall that divides a section of land. Frontier Landscaping builds all types of custom retaining walls of varying lengths and heights. We work with you to determine the right stones to use as well as the proper location and details of what you want.

Why use Custom Retaining Walls?

Most often, retaining walls are used for terracing a hillside. If you have a steep grade to your yard, retaining walls can increase the utility of that space dramatically! Our team of professionals will grade your soil to make it level in sections then build the wall to hold back the soil. This allows flat spaces that can then be planted. Both the walls and the subsequent plantings help to dramatically reduce erosion on your property. And they look great while doing it! You can plant a terraced vegetable garden as well as gorgeous ornamentals. The options are numerous!

retaining wall1

A retaining wall can also be used to give structure and dimension to a landscape as well as the outside of your home. They can divide a garden space from a more useful space like a patio or lawn. They can be purely decorative and made to accent a section of your yard. The key is to find the place where creativity and utility meet and then go from there! The professionals at Frontier Landscaping can help you, every step of the way. We work with you the design and make sure the installation is done properly and beautifully. We always work to make sure you are satisfied.

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