Springtime is undoubtedly in the air for more days than not. It’s time to put lawn care back on your task list. While there is a lot of work that needs to wait for the ground to dry up somewhat, your lawn can greatly benefit from some care in early spring.

Whether you do it yourself or call on a Frontier Landscaping professional to help you, you can give your lawn a jump start on spring, with just a few simple tasks.


Frontier Landscaping offers expert lawn care in Clark County and Portland metro

Three Things We Recommend:

  1. Test the soil:


The soil beneath your lawn tells you exactly what needs to be done. You can do a soil test yourself, with a soil kit, or call our maintenance crew to come and do it for you. The test will reveal where your soil is deficient, what the pH is and will give you an overall view of the health of your lawn.

2. Fertilize:

 Once you know the status of the soil, you can fertilize accordingly. A general-purpose NPK fertilizer is often sufficient but you may want to amend with a fine compost or decomposed manure, to give the grass all the micro-nutrients as well. Use your soil test results to gauge what amount to use.

If your test revealed the soil’s pH is too acidic (grass likes the pH to be around 6.5), then adding lime to the mix can help bring it into equilibrium. A balanced pH is necessary for healthy plant growth and it keeps moss away.


Frontier Landscaping provides expert lawn care in the Clark County and Portland metro region.

3. Mowing:

Don’t wait too long to cut the grass for the first time! Before taking your mower out, give it a once-over: check the fuel and the engine to make sure everything is running smoothly; check the blades and the bag to see if they need repair.

To conserve water over the summer, you may try raising the blade and keeping your lawn a bit longer. It retains more moisture, lowering your water bill.

If mowing the lawn is not your favorite chore (or your teenager is out of the house), give Frontier a call. Our maintenance crew can come regularly to carefully mow and maintain your lawn to perfection. Contact us here to get started.