Happy November, everyone! We are moving into a cozy time of year, with holidays and lots of baking and snuggling down for the rainy season. It is also a particularly messy time of year outdoors. Storms, rain, and wind bring down the fall leaves as well as loose branches and debris. It’s time to clean it all up!


Fall leaves and debris cannot be left on the ground over the winter. It will suffocate grass, clog storm drains and create a breeding ground for harmful fungi and other slimy species. It’s best to get it all taken care of before temperatures drop too low. You can rake it up as you go, filling your yard waste bins every week.


If you have a big yard, or a particularly messy tree (or you just have better ways to spend your time), give our maintenance crew a call! We will rake and clean up your yard in no time, including cleaning out storm drains and gutters to keep the water flowing. We remove all leaves, branches and debris from the property and use leaf blowers to give it that finished look. 




While you have us there, we can take a look at the health of your lawn, to see if it needs reseeding or aeration. Lawn care is not only important in the summer! Preparing it for winter is an important step to keeping grass in top condition.


It doesn’t matter the size of your yard or clean-up job! We can take care of the needs of any property, whether it is a home, school, business or municipal property. We can take care of the needs of any home and commercial property, to make sure every landscape is beautiful and maintained. We can provide you with a maintenance plan tailored to your specific needs, whether it is a one-time visit or an ongoing service.


Contact us today to get a quote on your yard!