Frontier Landscaping provides year-round services to our friends in Vancouver and Portland Metro Areas. We offer more than just landscaping and maintenance. We can also take care of you throughout the winter season! We are available during storms and emergencies and in the days following.

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We clear the way for you!

 Winter Landscaping

Winter Services:

Snow Plowing:

We provide snow plowing services during and after snow storms. You can call on us to plow your driveway, your parking lot or business roads and even little side streets that are not on main plow routes. Our safe, expert drivers are prepared to face the elements to help you get where you need to go.

Ice Melting:

We are equipped to come out in any weather to de-ice your surfaces and make it safer for walking and driving. We can come apply deicer to your driveway, parking lot, walkways, sidewalks and more. We are happy to serve both residential and commercial properties. There have been some icy mornings lately!

Tree Emergencies:

Frontier Tree Service is on call 24/7 during storms and throughout the entire year. We can come remove fallen trees and branches from homes, yards, power lines and any building. Our skilled team works quickly to repair damage and protect your property.

When you need help, we are here. Call us! 888-544-5006