Hardscape design is one of the most exciting topics a homeowner can dive into. What is it, exactly?

In a nutshell, hardscape design encompasses the placement of non-living elements of a landscape: walkways, patios, fences, lighting, retaining walls, arbors, rocks etc.

Effective hardscape design adds function, greater enjoyment, and value to your home. For over 28 years we’ve been in the business of solving unique landscape problems. We know how to provide creative solutions to transform your outdoor spaces, and can guide you in renovating the ordinary into the perfect. Check out these recent samples of projects that have been fun to work on:

Hardscape Design for a ‘Home Away from Home’

hardscape design around 5th wheel RV padThese avid travelers presented us with an interesting challenge. Could we ‘naturalize’ a look around their comfortably-sized RV, which they keep securely parked in front of their home?

A direct approach, blending hardscape design with horticultural elements, was the answer.

  • Low-profile lighting, a custom concrete pad, and fencing provide needed structure and privacy.
  • Attractive groupings of native plantings is laid out in harmony. As the plants grow up and mature, they’ll provide additional screening, softening the RV surround with a naturalized feel.


Hardscape Design Trifecta: Yard, Garden, Patio

Hardscape design 3-in-1: Yard, Garden, Patio
These homeowners won big with a hardscape design that accomplished three things at once:

  • A raised garden bed made of retaining wall blocks is sturdy, accessible, and ideal for supplying their kitchen with fresh herbs and edibles.
  • The gravel surround and dry creek bed act as natural dividers for the different uses in the new yard, and also reduce thirsty lawn space without sacrificing it completely.
  • A handsome paver patio allows this family to extend the hospitality of their home.


Hardscape Design on a Dime: Gravel Paths and Pathways

Inexpensive and multi-purpose, gravel paths pair nicely with a variety of border elements, and their texture can be quite pretty when set against a lush lawn or garden.

Pictured below: Gravel dressed with bricks and pavers combine for a decorative approach in lawn and gardenscapes, while a simple partnership with 6×6 pressure-treated timbers provides instant, well-drained access to service areas alongside a home.
hardscape design ideas - gravel paths and pathways

Feeling inspired? Our expert team is ready to help. Let us transform your outdoor space with a creative hardscape design that adds function, increases enjoyment, and adds value to your home. Let’s Get Started!