Landscape Maintenance Foreperson

Our Mission

Our team provides a quality landscape experience and professional service that exceeds expectations, develops and energizes team members to meet personal and career goals, and actively participates throughout the community.

Job Description

With the guidance of the Maintenance Supervisor, oversees the efficient operation of the
maintenance services while operating within the limitations of the budget and policies. Is expected to work in cooperation with all other departments, with customer satisfaction and company profitability as top priorities.

Primary Duties

  1. Responsible for on-site supervision of crew assignments and work.
  2. Maintains accurate records of crew travel time, equipment hours, and maintenance time, etc., and reports information to maintenance supervisor on a timely
  3. Reviews specs and/or plans and estimates with supervisor in advance in order to determine job requirements on new jobs.
  4. Oversees the loading and unloading of trucks to ensure proper materials, supplies and equipment for the job are available.
  5. Trains employees under his/her direction.
  6. Promotes education, safety and teamwork.

General Responsibilities

  1. Becomes familiar with job specifications.
  2. Performs maintenance work according to scope of work and specifications of job.
  3. Assigns crew member to job tasks.
  4. Trains crew members in the proper method of equipment operation.
  5. Assists and teaches safety on the job.
  6. Maintains and service all equipment on the job.
  7. Reports to Account manager on progress, problems and needs.
  8. Completes accident reports as required.
  9. Keeps a job log.
  10. Sees that all time cards and invoices are turned in daily.
  11. Achieve and maintain Pesticide Applicators License.

Job Requirements

  1. Ability to recognize and meet customers’ desires.
  2. Ability to reflect a positive attitude toward customers and fellow workers.
  3. Work at a productive rate.
  4. Make decisions of benefit to customers and company to generate sales.
  5. Be able to adjust schedules according to equipment availability, weather, personnel, or other resource variations.
  6. Ability to read scope of work and contract.
  7. Ability to operate, all maintenance equipment.
  8. Ability to manage people and delegate responsibility.
  9. Have a valid driver’s license and be able to drive large trucks (standard and automatic)
  10. Ability to repeatedly lift, using proper lifting techniques.
  11. Have good communication skills.
  12. Be able to evaluate priorities of job routines.
  13. Must have some experience and understanding of plants and their maintenance.
  14. Must have some experience in landscape maintenance and ability and willingness to improve knowledge and skills.
  15. Ability to evaluate Job Performance of team members and report to supervisor.

In this position you will act as a sounding board for all departments within the company and work as a team with the other departments.

Employees may be assigned other duties by department manager, at other times when their department or job is not operating or during down season.

This job description is intended to serve as a guide to overall job assignments and as a tool to be used in establishing a sound rate of pay for work performed.

A certain amount of overlapping of duties between jobs is necessary if complete departmental efficiency is to be attained. Therefore, if an employee in another job classification is asked to perform certain duties listed in this job description, it should not be necessarily constructed to mean he/she is performing this overall job.

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