Summer is nearly here and everything is lush and green! It’s the right time to just enjoy the garden, while keeping up on maintenance. We have a few tips for you, this June, to keep your landscape healthy and gorgeous.



Pruning: We don’t recommend doing any heavy pruning this time of year, since any high temperatures can damage freshly pruned plants. We always want to minimize plant stress. However, it is a good time to do minor pruning of flush growth, to help plants keep their shape during this time of increased growth. This is especially applicable to evergreen conifers, whether they are trees or shrubs. This minor pruning helps maintain overall health, without harming the core of the plant. Our maintenance team can come out to help you with this type of pruning and to spruce up your yard while they’re at it. Get an estimate by clicking here.



Irrigation: It’s time to get your system turned on for the year. Most of the heavy rains are behind us and it does get fairly dry here in the summer. A good irrigation system is adjustable, based on rainfall, so you can tailor it to the weather. Be sure to get on a regular schedule by the end of the month, though. July-September are generally very dry months. Hopefully by now you have had your backflow testing and any repairs done. If your system needs maintenance, contact us soon to get prompt service.



Weeding: Everything is having a growth spurt right now, including the weeds. It seems like every few hours, some new ones are popping up. We recommend getting to them early and often, to stay on top of it. Try to dig out the entire plant, including the roots, and pull them up BEFORE they make seeds. If it gets out of control, or you just need a little professional help, our maintenance team is on the job!


What other garden tasks are on your list for this June? Do you have any concerns or questions about your landscape? Leave us a comment below!