Deter moss

Our wet winters bring all kinds of green wonders to life every year. We are lucky to live among many beautiful evergreen trees and shrubs, ferns and other native beauties that thrive on the rain. However, there is another plant that thrives on all the water we get and it can occasionally invade your landscape. We are talking about moss. Moss can be used artfully in some designs but, for the most part, it is a weed and a nuisance. It can choke grass and other plants and can be unsightly. There are many ways to get rid of it naturally. Keep reading for our tips!

Moss is especially a problem for yards with lots of shade and with poor drainage. They love those cool moist areas and will linger and spread in shady lawns and beds, if given a chance. You can improve the drainage in your yard by adding organic matter or, if that doesn’t help, calling in your favorite landscaping company to fix the problem. We also recommend opening up your yard to sunlight, if it is a persistent problem. This can mean cutting back any evergreen and shade trees or removing them all together. The skilled experts of Frontier Tree Service can help you determine the best way to trim a tree to maximize light getting through, without compromising the health of the tree or the beauty of your yard.


An easier fix is to add iron to your soil. This does an efficient job of killing the moss and helps to keep it from returning. It will not harm your lawn or other plants and will only enrich your soil. In fact having rich, diverse healthy soil is a great way to keep out many unwanted pests and invaders. It’s a chemical-free way to keep the moss out of your lawn and beds. We can come out and apply iron to your lawn and garden beds for you, as part of our maintenance service.

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