We love the fall in the Pacific Northwest! The temperatures are usually mild and we can still enjoy our backyards most afternoons. The leaves are just starting to turn, making it the perfect time for evening walks around the neighborhood, to drink in the color. On your next walk, you may see one of our favorite trees for fall color: the Autumn Blaze red maple.

Height: 50 feet
Spread: 40 feet

Autumn Blaze red maple is a popular tree- and not just for its stunning fall color! It has an excellent growth habit and is tolerant of most urban conditions. It grows quickly and will provide shade and beauty to your yard for years to come. Autumn blaze has large, green lobed leaves throughout most of the year but when the temperatures cool off, they begin to turn a brilliant red until the entire tree looks aflame! This deciduous tree is wonderful to pair with other showy autumn trees. You can plant them en masse for a bright fiery grove or pair them with yellow and orange foliage like Katsura or Ginkgo.

It is popular among maple enthusiasts for its easy-going nature. Many red maples are fussy and intolerant but Autumn Blaze will often grow where other red maples will not. It will do well with a yearly pruning in the summertime but otherwise, it should give you no troubles. It grows in all types of soil, it tolerates pollution and other urban conditions, and it is not particularly susceptible to diseases and pests.

This beautiful maple works well as a focal point or can be planted in groups for a dramatic affect. You can also use it as  your main shade tree or plant it on the street, for the whole neighborhood to enjoy. It should only be planted in full sunlight and prefers average watering, though is somewhat tolerant of drought and standing water.

Fall is the perfect time of year for new plantings! The soil is warm but the air is cool and trees just love it. To schedule your tree planting, contact Frontier landscaping here.