We still have some hot weather in September but fall is coming soon! It’s a time for transition, both in life and in the garden. As kids go back to school and the leaves start to change, we gardeners must adapt our yards to match the shift in seasons. We are here to help you with that transition, whether you need tree removal, yard maintenance and clean-up or just want a little advice! Keep reading for our September recommendations:



We have been having some hot days lately so don’t ease up on the watering just yet! Most plants benefit from slow, deep soakings, especially during drought periods. They can become very stressed if there is not enough water, especially most trees and shrubs. The slow, deep soaks allow them to uptake more water and nutrients from the soil, increasing overall growth and health.


Fall cleanup:

While we love all the colors of autumn, those falling leaves do need to be dealt with. Additionally, many annuals die off in September and perennials die back. The leftover foliage can be gathered and put to good use! Leaves should be raked and especially kept off of the lawn, to prevent the grass from rotting. Remove any other dead plant material from the garden including spent annuals, dead foliage from perennials and dead flowers. Pile them up to use as mulch or to add to the compost pile. Depending on how big your yard is, fall cleanup can be a really big job. If you need extra help, the Frontier team can come to your aid! Contact us!