The kiss of fall is in the air and, for us, that means it is the perfect time to get new plants in the ground. Many people start thinking about new plantings in springtime but all the best gardeners know the secret to healthy plants is to… plant them in the fall!!!

cherry tree

Why plant in Fall?

It’s the perfect time for new plants to take root in your landscape. The soil is nice and warm from the heat of summer but the daytime temperatures are not too hot. Plants can settle into their new home and spend the winter growing new roots to establish their place in your landscape. Then, by next spring, they will be settled and ready to grow new leaves, branches and gorgeous flowers.

Trees and Shrubs

We recommend planting all types of new trees and shrubs in the fall. Be sure to dig a large hole but do not cover the crown of the plant, when filling in the soil around it. Water new plants well, even if rain is predicted. If you need help getting your new trees and shrubs in the ground, call on Frontier Landscaping. We can help you choose specimens, arrange them in the design that you want and get them planted quickly and safely to ensure best results. We can help you with elaborate, detailed plans or just help get a single tree into its rightful spot.


New Lawns

Fall is also a great time to install new lawns or reseed your existing lawn, for a lush green space in the coming year. Grass also likes to have the cool weather to get established and will succeed at a faster rate, when planted in autumn. Our landscape team can install new sod to perfectly fit your space (large or small). We also offer lawn maintenance services to make sure it thrives and stays looking neat and trim all year long.

It’s time to get inspired! Try something new!

Plant the trees and shrubs that are going to add beauty and function to your landscape.

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