You may have noticed some recent changes in our company. We have been rearranging and reorganizing our team to better serve you- our wonderful customers! Keep reading to learn all about our staff in our different departments.

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Our Maintenance Team:


Our maintenance crew takes care of everything from regular lawn mowing to fertilizing, fall clean-ups and more. Here is a look at the people who come take care of your yard.


Casey: Casey McBride is our main sales representative in the Maintenance department. Casey has worked for Frontier since 2011. Casey has his bachelor degree in Business Administration from Warner Pacific and his Commercial Applicators License. He is responsible for managing our four maintenance crews and completes customer satisfaction.


Chris: Chris Peppers is also a key component to our maintenance division. Chris was the Maintenance Operation Manager here at Frontier from 2003-2010 and has just recently rejoined our team. We are happy to have him back.


Jennifer: Another important person to our maintenance department is Jennifer Jones. Jennifer has worked at Frontier since 2004. Her responsibilities include irrigation management, time cards, renewals, and much more. She will likely be the friendly voice you hear on the phone when calling Frontier.


Shawn: Our main irrigation tech is Shawn Downs. Shawn has been with Frontier Landscaping since 2012, and he is our Certified Back Flow Tester and is qualified to test and repair all aspects of our irrigation systems.

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Our Tree Service Team:


Frontier Tree Service, our tree division, is growing! The department has over 50 years of combined experience in the tree care industry. We have added new staff to better serve you.


Tim: The tree department is run by Tim Walker. He is our knowledgeable head Certified Arborist. His days are spent giving estimates and consultations as well as making sure our crews run efficiently and safely.


Joseph: Joseph Thomas is a Certified Arborist and grew up in the tree service business. He joined Frontier in June of 2014 to lend his skills and expertise to the team.


Celeste: Celeste Thomas has been with Frontier since June of 2014 and has been in the industry for over 7 years. If you need to schedule an appointment to meet with one of our arborists, Celeste would be the one to call.


Greg: Greg Irwin is our experienced line clearance climber. He is the man who you might see way up in your tree, taking down limbs and making sure your trees are safe for your home and neighborhood.


Our Landscape Construction Team:

Our Landscape Construction division installs new landscapes, lawns, patios, irrigation and more. They are a talented group that work on both residential and commercial properties, doing new installations as well as remodels.


Shaun: Shaun Schmitt is the Construction Department Manager. Shaun has been in the industry for over 15 years. He is a Certified Backflow Tester and is very knowledgeable in all aspects of Landscape Construction. Shaun does everything from sales, foreman, to even helping the crew in the field.


Our entire team and crew do such amazing work! We are so lucky to have such hard-working skilled people on our staff. Stay tuned to future newsletters to learn more about our crew.