Even though the ground is cold and the trees are bare, it can be a great time to revamp your landscape. This is a slow season for us landscapers but we are still on the job and don’t mind working in the cold. Don’t wait to schedule your landscape renovation or upgrade! Call us now to save money by scheduling in the off season!

Paver Patio & Firepit

Most of our landscape installation services are doable in winter too! What dreams do you have when you look at your yard? What features have you thought about including? Are there areas to expand? Well, now is the time!

Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Maximize the use of space in your landscape by adding arbors and trellises for climbing roses, clematis and other beautiful vines. We can take care of it, from construction to planting.
  • Add a stone patio to make the perfect gathering spot. You can even add a fireplace! We use quality pavers to create a finished look.
  • Find that perfect tranquil corner for a pond or waterfall. You could even wind a babbling brook through your property! We install many different types of water features, from top to bottom.
  • Plant new trees to enjoy for years to come. Whether you are looking for more shade in your yard or perhaps a focal point for autumn, we can get the trees you need.

Contact Frontier Landscaping today to schedule your landscape construction project. We can discuss all the possibilities and get you on the schedule to take advantage of winter savings.


Other Winter Services:                                                                                                                    

Frontier Landscape offers a wide range of services all year long.

  • Seasonal Clean-ups: We trim back dead plant material, rake leaves, clean gutters and storm drains and then haul it all away, leaving a neat and trim landscape behind.

Contact us today to schedule your landscape service.