You can prevent spring weeds by stopping them before they even sprout! Consider applying pre-emergent to your flower beds to catch weeds early.

Flower beds

We all work hard, each year, to keep strong and vigorous weeds from taking over our flower beds and planting areas. They are unsightly and, worse, they compete for sunlight and nutrients with the plants we love. That is why it can be a good idea to prevent spring weeds from ever taking a foothold in your landscape.

Most weeds produce seeds in the summer and fall, spreading themselves all over your yard. These seeds are dormant in the soil throughout the winter until the temperatures heat up again in springtime. Pre-emergent herbicide application will prevent seed germination by inhibiting a key enzyme in the seed. They stop those overwintering weed seeds from ever growing.



Timing is everything!

It is crucial to catch weeds before they germinate. A warm spell in February can mean that it is already too late. We recommend applying pre-emergent herbicide to your landscape and planting beds in January for the best results. Apply a thorough dose to your entire property to give you an incredible jump start on a beautiful, weed-free garden this year!