May showers bring…. June Pruning! With all the warm weather and rain we’ve been having, everything has been growing at top speed! Many trees and shrubs have been growing vigorously and have put on a flush of new growth so far this spring. It is time to slow that down just a bit. With regular summer pruning, you can help plants be their healthiest, whether that means setting the right amount of fruit or getting set up for proper blooming next year.

If summer pruning is not on your to-do list (or the job is just too big), call on the Certified Arborists and experts at Frontier to take care of it for you! Contact us here.

pruning maple trees


Summer Pruning Goals

Generally, summer pruning helps to reduce vigorous growth a little bit. We want to make sure the tree can direct energy towards fruit production and/or setting flowers for next year (depending on the type). This is also a chance to get rid of dead, diseased or unwanted plant material. Additionally, it is a time to make sure that there is proper air flow to the center of the tree or shrub (to help decrease fungal diseases) and to make sure that light can penetrate through.

Pruning Broadleaf Evergreens

We recommend pruning broadleaf evergreens (like rhododendrons and camellias) to increase strength for winter and to set flower buds for the following year. We do this in early to mid-summer to avoid any harm that can come from cold weather on fresh cuts. Wait until after blooming has finished then cut off dead flower heads and the rosettes of leaves just behind them. This will allow for new growth, while making the plant immediately more attractive. Older plants may need removal of deadwood and other shaping.

summer fruit tree pruning

Summer Fruit Tree Pruning

We know that fruit tree pruning can be daunting because you don’t want to hurt the tree while it is producing. But a little summer haircut will increase healthy fruit production and help set the tree up for good growth in the future. The goal is to get light and air to the inside of the tree while channeling the tree’s energy into producing fewer, larger fruits, moving away from vigorous growth. Fruit trees are only capable of handling a certain fruit load so thinning can actually help you get a better crop of large, juicy fruit. Prune the center of the tree to keep in line with the shape that you want and allow for better air flow and light penetration.

tree pruning


Hire a Certified Arborist!

If DIY is too daunting or you don’t have time, call on a Certified Arborist to take care of your summer pruning. The head arborist at Frontier Tree Service, Tim Walker, is a Certified Arborist and we will be adding another one very soon!

A Certified Arborist knows exactly what your trees need and can prune according to the season as well as your goals for your tree(s). We have years of experience and skills to do the job efficiently and effectively. Our certification process is updated continuously so we always stay current on best practices, latest innovations and other continuing education. The health of your trees is always our top priority.

New Tree Experts at Frontier!

We are pleased to welcome some new members to the Frontier team! Certified arborist and tree expert Joseph Thomas is joining our staff, along with his wife Celeste (formerly of Thomas Family Tree). The two of them have years of experience in the tree business and they know our area, climate and community very well. We are excited to have both of them on staff!