Our landscaping team is always seeking out the perfect plants for each individual landscape or project. This time of year, we love to take a look at all the wonderful autumn foliage to see which ones have the brightest color display and perform the best, year after year. We wanted to share a few of our favorites with you! Do you have these trees in your yard?


Red Sunset Maple

Acer rubrum “Red Sunset”


Height: 50 feet

Spread: 40 feet


Red Sunset is a beloved red maple, for its durability and brilliant fall display. Even a casual observer will plainly see, each autumn, why the Red Sunset is a popular maple. When the weather begins to chill, Red Sunset’s leaves slowly change from their classic green to all shades of fire, causing the tree to appear aflame. Bright colors, ranging from orange to crimson, give this tree great interest and beauty every autumn!



Japanese Red Laceleaf Maple

Acer palmatum dissectum


Height:    2-8 feet

Spread:  10-12 feet


The Red Laceleaf is the ultimate ornamental tree, giving visual interest year-round. It spreads its feathery foliage low and wide, giving a delicate decorative show in any landscape. However, it is in autumn that this tree really outshines the rest. The colors morph into a deep blood-red and dark purple display, reminiscent of rich royalty. These trees are works of art: intriguing, cascading beauties.



Columnar Maple

Acer rubrum ‘Columnare’


Height: 70-100 feet

Spread: 15 feet


This tall, narrow, upright maple is a striking addition to any landscape. It’s dense forest of leaves appear red in the spring, become green over the summer and return to their showy crimsons and scarlets, as the season changes to autumn. The showy display is especially striking on older trees, as they tower above the landscape, letting the neighborhood know that they shine brightly. Try the columnar maple as a screen tree or alongside dark evergreens. Let that fall color shine!


What are your picks for great autumn color? Leave a comment below!