Frontier Landscaping offers Tree Planting as one of our many Professional Landscaping Services

Frontier Landscaping provides a tree planting service, we can also help with the care of young trees. It is important to develop a plant care regimen of initial watering and fertilizing to establish newly planted trees. We also provide ongoing plant health care, such as tree pruning and regular watering, as the trees develop, particularly in the Summer dry months. Eventually trees will rely less on watering, as their roots develop and they find their own access to water and nutrients, by sending down tap roots. But initially, they’re reliant on us (the landscapers) and you (the homeowners) to make sure they have enough water.

Irrigation Installation

We can set up irrigation to ensure infrequent but deep watering, which is preferred by trees and helps them to develop deep root systems. Trees have very different needs to your vegetable garden. Irrigation sprays should not hit the base of the tree, as this could encourage crown and root rot. Watering should be applied at the drip line of the tree, where the tree naturally directs the water when it rains.

Our Tree Planting Service will Follow a Step by Step Guide, to correctly install your tree. It is important with installation, not to plant trees too high or too low. The tree crown should be just above grade or ground level. You don’t want mulch or soil piled up around the base of the tree, as it can encourage crown and root rot. We make sure to loosen the roots, so that they don’t continue to grow in the shape of the pot it’s removed from. Instead, the loosened roots will reach out into the surrounding soil, which is scraped with grooves, to encourage the roots to penetrate. We keep an eye out for circling roots, these roots can wind around the roots and trunk, and girdle the tree, cutting off supplies of food and water. A quick prune of these problem roots upon planting, can nip any problems in the bud!

Ongoing Tree Care from our Landscaping Service, will make sure that the tree has the greatest chance of growing up healthy and strong. Regular, seasonal applications of fertilizer, and inspection for pests and diseases, are essential, and a part of our regular maintenance visits.

Training a young tree

On planting, a tree will need staking to protect it. We place the stakes on the side of the prevailing wind, making sure to give the tree the support it needs. The ties should be supportive, but not be tied too tightly, so the tree has room to move in the wind and develop strength, just as we build muscles when we move. The tree will then need structural pruning as it grows. Lower branches are left on to give the young tree energy, but as the tree grows taller these branches can be taken off for clearance, or left on and shaped, depending upon the client’s need and the tree’s function in the garden. Regular pruning will help get ahead of any problems, removing excess weight from branches that could cause them to break in Winter storms.

Overall, young trees will benefit from the on-going care of professional experts. Providing care early on will help them grow and benefit your property and neighborhood. Scheduling regular ‘check up’ appointments for your tree will save you costs in the long run.