Happy summer, garden enthusiasts! We hope you had a happy 4th of July and are gearing up for summer vacations, swim trips, barbeques and other summer fun. We’ve got a few summer ideas to keep the landscape in good shape during the summer.

Keep it wet:


Summer is finally here and that means that Mother Nature’s sprinkler system has shut off for the next few months. It’s time for us to step in to water plants and preserve the health of our landscapes. Make sure your irrigation clocks are on and scheduled just the way you need it. If you run into issues with your system or need any repairs, you can contact us to come take a look.

If you do not have an irrigation system, just remembering to water your yard a few times a week during the cool of the day. Morning is the best time. Give the ground a good deep soak every time. This will keep you from having to water so frequently and it will encourage your plants to grow deeper roots, in search of water, as the soil dries out. Just don’t leave them without water for too long! If you go on vacation, make sure to have someone water the garden for you!

Fix it while it’s dry:


Since the soil is finally drying out, it’s the perfect time of year to take care of a wet problem area in your landscape. Do you have a soggy corner or an issue with drainage? Now is the time to do an overhaul of that area to fix the problem! Our landscaping team is fully equipped to help you solve these issues. We can work on repairing the soil, improving drainage, and replanting the area, whether it is part of your lawn or garden. We can recommend some plants that love wet soil, to help with issue, or we can come out and totally redo your lawn and drainage. Give us a call to discuss the possibilities! Let’s do it now, while the soil is dry!