We had a pretty funny February and many people (and plants!) feel like spring is here to stay. Well, we’ve lived in the Northwest for a long time and we know better than to trust a warm February. Even though we’ve had an unseasonably warm and dry winter, we might still get cold temperatures and wet weather and it’s good to be prepared.

Rain weather

Protect Plants

Many bulbs, perennials, fruit trees and other plants have woken up early from dormancy, due to temperatures in the mid-60’s this past month. However, if temperatures drop again (and they likely might), plants can incur damage. We recommend keeping your beds mulched to insulate root systems. If we have a hard freeze in the forecast, you can even throw a blanket over vulnerable plants to protect them.

Plant with Caution

Many plants can go in the ground during cold temperatures. Dormant trees, fruit trees, roses and berry plants all do well when planted in winter. However, hold off on planting tender annuals and most vegetables until we get further into spring to avoid frost damage.

Pay attention to the Forecast

A quick look once a day at the low temperatures will help give you a warning if a cold frost is on the way. We also send out cold weather warnings via our email newsletter and on our Facebook page. Stay tuned to both pages to get weather updates and seasonal tips.