While many of us spend our winters focused on indoor activities, if you’ve been thinking about installing a new patio, retaining wall, pavers, water feature, or any other outdoor living space, don’t wait for spring to get started. Winter is the best
time to do it, and here’s why:

The Setting

Take a look at your property in the wintertime: Stark, dormant, monochromatic,and the perfect canvas upon which to design the ideal outdoor living space.

Importantly, this also allows us to take a look at how your property handles wintertime weather, such as water runoff and address any drainage or irrigation issues – whether through repair or installation—thereby ensuring that after your project is completed, it will weather the next winter without some of the unwelcome surprises that otherwise weren’t revealed during the summer months.

We’ll also be able to address tree issues, whether it’s pruning, installation or removal—quickly and with less visual impact.


It’s no secret that during the colder, slower months the line moves much faster to get projects started and completed. And, should your plans call for any permitting, the lowered rate of competition for these services will speed things up for you.


If you’re not going to be entertaining outside right now, the need to be patient with a construction zone at your home will be greatly reduced. Once it’s completed you’ll be able to accessorize with plants, planters, and all the fun stuff involved with adding decorative touches.


Outside of the peak season, we can work with you to design a project budget that works the most efficiently for all of us, and when you’re not rushed, you’re far less likely to discover additional needs that can add to the cost.

Endless Outdoor Living

And while you’re at it, how about a pergola over a hot tub, or a fire pit to extend your outdoors enjoyment beyond our brief summer months! It’s easier than you think to create the outdoor landscape you’ve been dreaming about.

Call us today to get started!