We are getting into the wettest, windiest time of year, here in the Pacific Northwest. While our gardens are pretty quiet, we still need to keep an eye on things. Our job is to keep our plants and homes safe throughout the winter by eliminating any risks and protecting plants as we can. In order to safely manage your landscape this stormy season, it is paramount to stay on top of clean-up!


We’ve had fewer storms this fall so there are still many leaves yet to come. There’s a lot of debris and leaves coming down right now and more will come down with every storm. Leaving all this on the ground leads to clogged drains, flooded streets and can drown and damage lawns and landscapes. The best thing to do is rake it all and use it as mulch around the base of sensitive plants. If that is unnecessary, the compost pile or yard waste bin are the next best options. Keep an eye on dead or damaged limbs, as well. They should be removed and disposed of to eliminate further hazards. If the chores become too much for you, especially during the holiday season, our maintenance team can step in and do a complete yard clean-up, including removal! Let Frontier Landscaping save the day! Contact us here for an estimate.


Tree safety is a bigger issue during the winter. Limbs and even entire trees can come down during bad storms. You can check your trees, to see if they are damaged, dying or susceptible to problems. Our expert Tree Service can come to your home or business to diagnose your tree, as well! Frontier Tree Service is a huge part of our Frontier Landscaping team. We offer pruning, chipping, removal and more. We determine the health and safety of a given tree, to help you decide whether or not it is in danger of breaking, falling or dying.



Our Tree Service team works to prevent trees from becoming a danger to your home, family and neighborhood. We install cabling and bracing to keep trees safe and sturdy, even during inclement weather. Your tree may need a little help in remaining stable and secure. Old trees, especially, often need extra assistance.


Once you have checked for signs of a distressed or dangerous tree, give Frontier Tree Service a call and we can send out a Certified Arborist to assess the situation and give you a recommendation and quote.


Stay safe this holiday season! If you have questions or feedback for us, we would love to hear from you! You can send us an email here or you can join the landscaping conversation and ask your questions on our Facebook page!