Protect your sprinkler system from damage this winter! Frontier Landscaping can help.



Your sprinkler system has no doubt done its duty this year. We’ve had some very dry weather and plants have needed plenty of water. Luckily, the dry summer season is wrapping up and it will soon be time to shut down our sprinkler systems for the year. It is important to properly winterize your irrigation to prevent damage over the winter.

Frontier Landscaping offers professional sprinkler winterization to protect your system and prepare it for winter. To winterize a sprinkler system, we remove all the water from the entire system then shut all the mechanics down for the year. Our landscape irrigation team will go through each zone and blow out or drain 80% of the water from your pipes, heads and backflows so they don’t freeze and crack during the winter. This can save you a TON of money in repairs and new pipe next spring. When it’s time to get going again in the spring, we come back to start it up again, make sure it is working properly and perform Backflow testing to ensure that the water quality is up to standards.

Frontier Landscaping offers full landscape irrigation winterization for all types of systems.

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