Estate Landscape Management for Vancouver, WA

Larger Properties Have Different Landscape Needs

If you have a large property or estate, the landscaping can have different needs. Estate landscaping is more than just typical residential maintenance, and you can rely on our services to keep your property looking its best. Frontier Landscaping can provide year-round landscape management for estates with extensive planting beds over several acres, multiple buildings, and patios.

Regular Maintenance You Can Count On

Regular maintenance is important for larger estates. You may have a larger lawn area to maintain, multiple trees to prune, and hardscaping care that is needed. We can also blow and sweep walkways of pool areas, patios, and athletic courts. Well-designed outdoor spaces, lush plantings, lighting, and water features help complete your property and make it more enjoyable – but you also need to maintain them. Our team has experience with all sizes of landscapes.

Irrigation for Larger Properties

We are experts at irrigation design and installation, with automatic timers and specialized zones to give proper care to all parts of the larger landscape. Installing an irrigation system protects your investment in your property.

We are irrigation experts, having repaired and installed systems for many years. Frontier Landscaping will repair and maintain these systems, as well as perform backflow testing to keep your systems running smoothly.

Landscaping Features Add Value to Your Home

We are experts at installing landscaping features for your property. Your landscape is an investment. Well-designed outdoor spaces, patios and pathways, seasonal flower plantings, and upscale water features help complete your property and make it more enjoyable.

Fine Pruning of Specimen Trees

Fine pruning is a type of pruning done to specific ornamental trees to create a more natural and balanced shape. The pruning cuts made during fine pruning are generally smaller and done with hand pruners over time. Smaller branches are removed as opposed to larger branches. Japanese Maples are commonly fine pruned as well as some Dogwoods, Magnolias, Stewartias, smaller fruit trees, and some evergreens. It is important to keep up with the fine pruning of ornamental trees in the landscape so they reap the full benefit over time.

Hedge Trimming

Hedges can create privacy for homeowners as well as a sound barrier. There are a variety of hedges used in the Pacific Northwest landscape such as Laurels, Boxwoods, Arborvitae, Leyland, and False Cypress. We have experience pruning hedges down to the proper size and keeping them aesthetically pleasing. There are proper selections and techniques for keeping hedges in the landscape looking healthy. If you have multiple hedges throughout your property, our team is able to maintain them with ease.

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