Residential landscape installation Vancouver, WA

Landscape Installation Services

Frontier Landscaping is fully equipped to install the beautiful yard you’ve always wanted. Our expert landscaping installation/construction team will guide you through every phase of the project.  From the design process to the installation of high quality hardscaping elements, irrigation systems, plant material, and clean up.

Expert Landscape Installation for Large and Small Projects

We make sure to install your new landscape or landscape feature with professionalism, safety, and minimal disruption. Once installed, our maintenance team will keep your property looking well-tended, as we care for the plant material as it grows and matures. Your landscape will look exceptional for years to come.

Whether you’re looking for home improvement, a whole new landscape, or you want to install a garden at an apartment complex or beautify your storefront or other commercial properties, Frontier Landscaping will install the finest quality hardscapes and plantings. Well-placed landscape features and creative and sustainable planting can add dramatic interest and lasting beauty to your landscape.

At Frontier, We Design, Build, and Install Many Landscape Features

  • Retaining walls – We install high quality retaining walls to stabilize your landscape with changes in grade. Retaining walls can help to reclaim your property from hillsides and slopes. Our experts ensure that our wall installations are up to code and beautifully constructed and that they prevent soil movement in your landscape, protecting your home and property.
  • Paths, patios, and stairs – Frontier installs attractive paths, patios, and stairs made from high-quality and attractive materials that complement the existing construction on your property. We will expertly position and lay out paths and patios to provide you with easy movement through your property and a place to relax and enjoy your landscape, encouraging you to spend more time in the open air.
  • Irrigation system installation and repair – We are irrigation experts here at Frontier. We’ve spent many years installing, adapting, and repairing irrigation systems. We use high quality irrigation fittings to ensure your systems last for many years. We also design irrigation systems for landscape installations, making sure to group plants with the same water needs in the same irrigation zones for efficiency and plant health.
  • Landscape Drainage Solutions – We understand that proper drainage is essential in protecting your landscaping investment by helping divert surface water away from valuable trees and other plants and preventing standing water on lawns and landscapes. We offer a range of landscape drainage solutions.
  • Landscape lighting – We install perfectly planned and high quality landscape lighting to maximize safely around your property at night, as well as to highlight your best landscape features. You’ll want to spend more time in your garden at night and enjoy it’s nocturnal beauty.
  • Custom ponds and water features – Frontier Landscaping installs water features from small bubbling fountains to ponds, waterfalls, or large formal fountains. We also ensure that the water feature fits with your garden design and plantings.
  • Shrub and tree installation – Contact Frontier Landscaping for all your shrub and tree planting needs. We will get your landscape off to a great start with correct plant installation.
  • Fire pits – We will install a fire pit to draw your friends and family together, to gather and enjoy your landscape at night.

We are confident in our high quality work and offer a Landscape & Irrigation Guarantee.


landscape services

Frontier Landscaping Inc was established in 1988 for the purpose of providing customers with a full-service landscape experience. We take great pride in the quality of our work as well as satisfying the needs of the customer. 

We are a multi award-winning company made up of three distinct, skilled teams: Installation, Maintenance and Tree Service. These crews are led by experts. All our workers are enthusiastic and strive for quality, courtesy, and responsibility.

Image of a rock pond and babbling book, one of Frontier's landscaping installation projects.
Rock Pond Babbling Brook 2
Landscaped Front Yard
Natural landscape
large water feature
path on lawn
A paver path and landscaped yard with plantings, one of Frontier's landscaping installation projects.
3 bubbling rocks
bridge and creek
patio and hammock
driveway image
white picket fence
paver patio dried creek, large stepping stones and gravel walk
concrete pad landscaping
Four Column Bubbler
Back Patio
Rock Pond
Natural descending rock steps in the landscape.