Yard Clean Up Services in Vancouver, WA

If your garden looks more like an urban jungle, call us for a yard clean-up! You may be overwhelmed with your landscape debris and growth and need a seasonal overhaul.

Whether it’s just a one-time yard clean up service or seasonal maintenance, Frontier Landscaping can remove unwanted yard debris, weeds, and prune trees and shrubs to help bring your yard from eyesore to wow!

Yard Clean Up Services We Offer 

Remove Yard Debris

We can remove yard debris like tree branches or chip smaller trees or rake leaves that may be covering your lawn.


We can weed your landscape, including garden beds with unwanted plants. We can help you decide if you need to remove plants, shrubs, or trees. We can also remove weeds from paths, driveways, or other areas they like to establish themselves.


We can prune back trees, shrubs, and plants to enhance the plant health and appearance of your property. Ornamental grasses and perennials can be cut back in spring and winter after blooming. If desired, we can also remove plants, shrubs, and trees to open areas up to receive adequate sunlight and airflow.

Add New Planting Areas

New planting beds and raised beds can create more defined spaces with additional planting room for fresh plants. We can also redefine these areas by edging and adding fresh soil. We can even recommend and plant some new additions for a fresh look.


Adding a fresh layer of mulch as a top layer in planting beds will help spruce up the look of your yard and help your plants retain more moisture in the spring or protect the roots over winter. Mulching also helps keep weeds from taking over before you can pull them by cutting off their light source to grow.

Inspection Irrigation

If you have an existing irrigation or sprinkler system, our experts will evaluate its condition and prepare it for spring or weatherize it for winter. We can also suggest a variety of irrigation options while we are onsite.

Yard Clean-Up Experts

We are known for being one of the finest and most dependable landscape maintenance service providers in the Vancouver and Portland area. We have been around since 1988, and take the time to train our staff and employ highly skilled crew members who work hard to achieve outstanding results. This is true of all the services we provide.

Whether we work for a one-time service or a regular maintenance program, we have what you are looking for. Call or email us today for a free estimate on yard clean-up. (360) 574-8979 or [email protected].