Winter Maintenance Services

Winter weather maintenance services are a necessity. Are you well prepared to handle complications brought on by heavy snowfall and icy winter weather?

Frontier Landscaping maintenance and tree services offer snow plowing, ice melt, and emergency services for our existing residential and commercial clients. Our skilled team works quickly to keep the area around your home or business clear and safe during storms, emergencies, and the days that follow.

Often our city services are not ready for heavy snow or ice storms and only have the resources to plow the main thoroughfares. Smaller city streets, suburban, and country roads are left unplowed and cut off. It may only be a few days every year when you need this service, but it’s essential that it is fast and efficient when you do.

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Snow Plowing

We provide essential snow plowing services during and after winter storms. Let us take care of your driveway, parking lot, business entrance, or even small roads and side streets that are not on main plow routes. Our safe, expert drivers are prepared to face the elements to help you get safely to where you need to go.


We are equipped to come out in any weather to de-ice the surfaces around your home or business to make it safer for walking and driving. We treat driveways, parking lots, walkways, sidewalks, and more. Salt and grit make surfaces much safer to traverse for both people and vehicles. We want to ensure your safety and allow you to continue your daily routine when winter weather hits.

Tree Pruning to Prevent Storm Damage

Remember that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If any of the trees on your property need pruning before the winter storm season, we advise you to do some preemptive pruning. One of our experienced tree service staff will evaluate your situation before it becomes a crisis. Heavy rain can make tree limbs 25% heavier than when they’re dry, exerting much greater gravitational forces upon them. Combined with high winds, this makes the likelihood of tree limb or whole tree failure much higher.

Possible Signs of Potential Tree Failure

  • An uneven canopy – If a long branch is reaching out on one side – beyond the canopy -it could be susceptible to failure during a storm.
  • A dense canopy – Wind will be resisted by a dense canopy rather than flowing through it. Thinning the tree canopy will allow wind to pass through the canopy, lessening the force on individual limbs and the tree as a whole.
  • ‘Lion’s tailed’ branches – This bad pruning practice of clearing foliage along a branch and just leaving a ‘lion’s tail’ tuft of green at the end can cause branch failure due to the weight of the foliage at the end of the branch.
  • Vertical cracks and dead branches – If part of the tree is dying back or if it has dead branches, the tree is more likely to fail in a storm.
  • Co-dominant stems – This is seen on trees with multiple trunks or branches that originate from the same place in the tree, which is sometimes due to failure of the main trunk. These stems tend to have a weaker union and are more likely to fail during storms and high winds. This problem can often be solved with cabling or bracing to strengthen the branch union.

If you notice any of these signs/issues with your trees, don’t hesitate to call Frontier Landscaping today! We are here to help you prepare your landscape for winter.

The Frontier Landscaping commercial maintenance department is honored to be a partner with the City of Vancouver Urban Forestry Department. We’re also on the small works roster with the City of Vancouver, Clark Public Utilities, Clark County, and The Port of Vancouver.

We also install and maintain residential and commercial landscapes in the Portland Metro area, Vancouver, and all over Clark County. We look forward to serving you.

Oncoming truck with snow plow
Oncoming truck with snow plow
Distant snow plow pickup