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Irrigation Services

Frontier Landscaping provides expert irrigation services, including sprinkler and irrigation system repair and installation of new systems as well as updates to existing ones. An irrigation system can help you to banish the endless task of watering by hand. At Frontier Landscaping, we design and install a wide variety of systems for a broad range of landscapes.

Residential sprinkler maintenance

Install an Irrigation System for Watering Efficiency

Even, consistent watering is essential to a successful and robust landscape. An efficient landscape irrigation system will deliver the right amount of water to the root zone of all your plants. An automated irrigation system can save you the hassle and time of watering by hand. It will ensure that all your plants get the water they need without the hassle and strain of dragging a hose around. Just set the timer and walk away, knowing your irrigation system will keep your landscape in good health.

Protect Your Landscaping Investment

Installing an irrigation system protects your investment in your property. When installing plants, it’s important that a plan is made for watering, otherwise plants may not receive the right amount of water they need to thrive and you will need to spend more money to replace them.

Automatic Sprinkler Systems Give you Peace of Mind

An automatic irrigation system will take care of all your watering needs. If you leave on a vacation, the system will ensure that your plants are taken care of. Or if it rains, the system can adjust the amount of water the plants receive. Irrigation and sprinkler systems can be installed with rain sensors or soil moisture sensors that can automatically change the system output when needed.

At Frontier, we install high-efficiency irrigation systems, designed to be the most cost-effective on the market and tailored to your individual needs and property. We are irrigation experts, having repaired and installed irrigation systems for many years. Frontier Landscaping will repair and maintain these systems as well as perform backflow testing to keep your systems running smoothly all year long.

The Benefits of Irrigation Services

  • Consistent Watering – Ensure that your plants receive the right amount of water at the right time!
  • Water Conservation – Irrigation systems SAVE water! An automatic system ensures that no extra water is wasted on overspray or hand-watering.
  • Peace of Mind – Rest assured that your plants will be taken care of, even when you’re not home.
  • Protect Your Investment – Don’t spend large sums of money on a landscape only to have plants die from inadequate irrigation.
  • Improve efficiency – Update your irrigation system and fix your sprinklers.

Your Landscapes are an investment. They add to the overall value of your home. Well-designed outdoor spaces, lush plantings, and water features, etc. help complete your property and make it more enjoyable. If you should choose to put your home on the market, a well landscaped home will be more attractive, sell faster, and have more value.

We offer a Landscape & Irrigation Guarantee. Frontier Landscaping provides expert irrigation design, installation, and repair to residential and commercial properties in Vancouver, Portland, Battleground, Kelso, Longview, Camas, Clark County and Multnomah County. Contact us today!

Close up image of a bright green lawn with a sprinkler systems set up through Frontier's irrigation services.
Image of a lawn with a sprinkler systems set up through Frontier's irrigation services.
Image of a sprinkler system and a green lawn with a tree in the background - set up through Frontier's irrigation services.