Landscape Maintenance Services

Landscape maintenance covers a wide variety of services. Whether it’s commercial or residential, Frontier Landscaping will keep your property looking well-tending and flourishing. Our skilled crews are trained in lawn care, pruning, pest control, hardscape management, sprinkler repair, and seasonal clean up. We have the skills needed to keep your landscapes looking their very best year-round.

Your First Choice for Landscape Maintenance Services

Lawn Care

A well-planned lawn care maintenance program must incorporate services of different types in order to provide the results that the property owner or homeowner desires and deserves. Frontier Landscaping is an experienced, skilled local company with a long history of landscape maintenance. We can offer you a full range of lawn care solutions.

Lawn care can be harder than it looks. Keeping lawns looking green and weed free makes regular maintenance a necessity. We know that lawns need even irrigation coverage, regular fertilizing, and mowing to the exact right height, as well as edging and weeding. When lawns get older or in need of revitalization we offer lawn renovation services such as:

  • Aeration – To address compacted soil and allow air and water to infiltrate the soil, as well as allow more space for grass roots to grow deep and strong. Topdressing with compost after aeration will invigorate the lawn.
  • Dethatching – To remove the build up of dead, organic material in the lawn, improving infiltration of water and nutrients into the soil that were otherwise unavailable to the roots.

Seasonal Clean Up

We will regularly clean up your yard or property to control heavy leaf drop in the fall. We also take care of seasonal, skilled pruning of shrubs and trees, ensuring that they are taken care of at the right time of year. We cut back perennials at the end of their season and add annuals to enhance your landscape display.

Pest Control on Trees, Shrubs, and Perennials

On our regular maintenance visits, our skilled staff watch out for any problems that may arise and make changes to avoid plant diseases or insect pests from infesting plants. Regularly adding compost and bark mulch as well as fixing any irrigation issues when they arise will all help to avoid pest problems in the landscape. When plants are thriving, they are less susceptible to any diseases or pests.

Reliable and Skilled Landscape Maintenance Services

We are known for being one of the finest and most dependable landscape maintenance service providers in the Vancouver and Portland areas. This is not only because we have been around since 1988 but because we take the time to train our staff and employ highly skilled crew members who work hard to achieve outstanding results. This is true of all the services we provide. Whether we work for a one-time service or a regular maintenance program, we have what you are looking for.

Reasonable and Affordable Pricing

We offer pricing that is fair and reasonable, while working within your budget. After 31 years in the business, we strive to give quality workmanship at fair prices. Our customers are our priority and we strive to give you excellent value for money and quality satisfaction.

What to Expect From Frontier Landscaping

Our team is composed of specialists who have many years of experience providing a full spectrum of landscaping services and tree care solutions to the local area and surrounding communities. Some of the services we perform for our clients include shrub trimming, fruit tree pruning, hardscaping, pest control, and design-build. You name it, Frontier covers it.

When you have a need for Landscape Maintenance and would like to discuss your options with a skilled landscape professional, contact us today to ensure that you get the very best results!

Image of a Frontier crew member pruning hedges as part of landscape maintenances services.
Image of a green lawn with a person pushing a fertilizer to fertilize the lawn as part of landscape maintenance services.
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maintenance truck leaving the yard
frontier premises
Image of a perfectly mowed lawn, performed as part of landscape maintenance services.
maintenance truck leaving the yard
maintenance training
maintenance training
maintenance training
Image of a picnic table and concrete slab surrounded by a well-maintained lawn as part of landscape maintenance services.
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