Happy Autumn, friends! It’s time now to begin to prepare for winter. This means fall clean-ups and fall planting as well improving the drainage around your home and winterizing your sprinkler system.


Improve your Drainage!

Is recent rain leaving you with puddles in your yard?

If you have persistent puddles, wet spots or swampy areas, you most likely have poor drainage. It is important to take care of those wet spots for the health of your plants and the groundwater in the area. It also helps to lower the risk flooding in and around your home! Sometimes, simply amending the soil can help; a good amount of organic matter can help break up compacted soil and improve the water flow. However, more often than not, the ground needs more assistance.

Our landscaping team is fully equipped to help you solve these issues. We can work on repairing the soil, improving drainage, and replanting the area, whether it is part of your lawn or garden. We can recommend (and install) some plants that love wet soil, to help with the issue, or we can come out and totally redo your lawn and drainage. Give us a call to discuss the possibilities!

Irrigation Winterization

Protect your pipes from freezing this winter! Frontier Landscaping offers professional sprinkler winterization to protect your system and prepare it for winter. We will come to your home to prepare your pipes for the cold season. Our irrigation team will go through each zone and blow out or drain 80% of the water from your pipes, heads and backflows so they don’t freeze and crack during the winter. This can save you a TON of money in repairs and new pipe next spring. When it’s time to get going again in the spring, we can help you start it back up again!

Frontier Landscaping offers full irrigation winterization for all types of systems. We look forward to hearing from you!

We are here to help! Call us today to discuss your needs at (360) 574- 8979 or contact us here.