Spring Lawn Care Tips

After months of cold weather, your lawn is in need of some tender loving care to revive its lush green beauty. At Frontier Landscaping, we understand the importance of proper spring lawn care to ensure your yard thrives throughout the seasons.

Rake and Remove Debris

The first step in spring lawn care is to clear away any debris that has accumulated over the winter. Fallen leaves, branches, and other debris can smother the grass and prevent healthy growth. Raking also helps to loosen matted patches of grass, allowing air and nutrients to reach the soil.

Survey Your Lawn for Trouble Areas

Our soil in many areas can have a large percentage of clay. This can make the soil heavy and affect root growth. The soil can get compacted and create drainage issues. Loosening the soil can be done through aeration, but in some cases, a landscape drain may need to be installed.

Lawns can become habitats for pests, diseases, and weeds. We can help you identify a proper treatment plan to keep your lawn looking green and lush.

Aerate the Soil

Compacted soil can inhibit root growth and water absorption, leading to a lackluster lawn. Aerating your lawn in the spring helps to alleviate compaction by creating small holes in the soil, allowing air, water, and nutrients to penetrate deeply.

Additional benefits of aeration:

  • Limits fertilizer runoff
  • Improves ability to absorb water
  • Slows buildup of thatch
  • Builds strong root system and layer of topsoil

Overseed Bare Patches

Winter can be harsh on your lawn, leaving behind bare patches where the grass has died off. Overseeding these areas in the spring helps to fill in the gaps and promote a thick, healthy lawn. 

Fertilize Strategically

Spring is the ideal time to fertilize your lawn, providing essential nutrients to support healthy growth. However, it’s important to fertilize strategically, using the right type and amount of fertilizer for your lawn’s needs. Too much fertilizer can lead to excessive growth and nutrient runoff, while too little can result in a lack of growth and a healthy appearance.

Mow with Care

Spring Lawn Care Tips

As your lawn begins to grow in the spring, it’s time to pull out the lawnmower. However, resist the urge to cut the grass too short, as this can stress the lawn and make it more susceptible to disease and weeds. Instead, try to mow at a height of around 3 inches the first time you mow.

By following these essential spring lawn care tips from Frontier Landscaping, you can help your lawn thrive throughout the season and beyond. With a little bit of effort and attention now, you can enjoy a lush, green lawn that enhances the beauty of your home for months to come. Our maintenance crew can schedule regular visits to keep your yard looking its best.