The Frontier Tree Service is dedicated to providing quality care for all types of trees. We employ a wide variety of techniques to restore and care for the trees, while protecting your home and investments. We prune trees to increase their health and overall shape and to reduce the risk of falling limbs and power line entanglement. We also remove trees that are damaged, diseased and dangerous. But, there are other techniques that can be put to use to help save the life of the tree as well as save your home from damage.


One such technique is cabling and bracing. This practice utilizes hardware to provide extra support to trees that have multiple trunks and trees with weak crotches or large horizontal growing branches. Trees with these conditions might be susceptible to breaking with wind, ice, or a heavy snow load. Some trees grow large, thick branches or alternate trunks that stray too widely from the main trunk and are vulnerable to breaking, especially during storms.




The Frontier Tree Service can help protect both the tree and anything in its path by installing hardware into the crevice where the two limbs or trunks meet and joining them with the metal pieces. It increases the tree’s strength and stability and prolongs the life of the tree.


If you have trees in your yard with multiple trunks or large horizontal branches, you can benefit from cabling and bracing. If you are not sure if you need it, our team can come to your property to do an assessment. You can save yourself a lot of damage and hassle by strengthening the structure of your trees and protecting those heavy limbs.


To get an assessment or to have this service performed on your tree(s), contact us today!