Bark Brings Heaps of Rewards

bark dust, bark mulchA simple layer of bark transforms the landscape, can cut water usage up to 50 percent – and lots more!

Bark, whether bark dust, chips, mulch or beauty bark, is produced out of chipped or shredded tree bark. Coarser forms are known as bark nuggets. They all decompose slowly and only need to be reapplied every few years.

Spread between plants in a landscape, bark holds in precious moisture, prevents erosion, insulates and protects plants in weather extremes. A layer discourages weeds and creates a more uniform, serene feel throughout the landscape that accentuates the beauty of your plantings. Here are a few professional pointers for success.

Start with good soil built up with humus, fertilizer and other amendments to foster a complete, living environment for your plants’ roots. Get the ground as weed free as possible. At this time you can apply a pre-emergent herbicide around non-food plants.

While fir is the cheapest, it also gives slivers and is orange in color. If you like to work in the dirt a lot or if kids will be playing in the area, hemlock is a better bet. It is richer looking, doesn’t give slivers and fleas don’t like it either. Then there is nugget bark, awesome for water runoff or windy areas.

As with all mulch, too much can injure plants by keeping the soil too wet and limiting available oxygen to the roots. A couple inches is bark dust, bark mulchabout right; don’t exceed four and leave a few inches of breathing room around the plant’s base. Occasionally, dig down through the mulch to make sure the soil has sufficient moisture and is not harboring pests.

Improperly composted mulches can leach nitrogen from the soil and/or carry loads of viable weed seed; make sure of what you’re getting. Of course, if Frontier Landscaping is doing the job you needn’t worry!

Pile on the benefits in your landscape this year with a blanket of bark!

Off-Season Landscape Renovations!

Even though the ground is cold and the trees are bare, it can be a great time to revamp your landscape. This is a slow season for us landscapers but we are still on the job and don’t mind working in the cold. Don’t wait to schedule your landscape renovation or upgrade! Call us now to save money by scheduling in the off season!

Paver Patio & Firepit

Most of our landscape installation services are doable in winter too! What dreams do you have when you look at your yard? What features have you thought about including? Are there areas to expand? Well, now is the time!

Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Maximize the use of space in your landscape by adding arbors and trellises for climbing roses, clematis and other beautiful vines. We can take care of it, from construction to planting.
  • Add a stone patio to make the perfect gathering spot. You can even add a fireplace! We use quality pavers to create a finished look.
  • Find that perfect tranquil corner for a pond or waterfall. You could even wind a babbling brook through your property! We install many different types of water features, from top to bottom.
  • Plant new trees to enjoy for years to come. Whether you are looking for more shade in your yard or perhaps a focal point for autumn, we can get the trees you need.

Contact Frontier Landscaping today to schedule your landscape construction project. We can discuss all the possibilities and get you on the schedule to take advantage of winter savings.


Other Winter Services:                                                                                                                    

Frontier Landscape offers a wide range of services all year long.

  • Seasonal Clean-ups: We trim back dead plant material, rake leaves, clean gutters and storm drains and then haul it all away, leaving a neat and trim landscape behind.

Contact us today to schedule your landscape service.



Winter Landscape Tips

Winter Weather Tips

We have officially entered the cold months! Be sure to keep taking care of your landscape throughout the winter. They need your help to survive the cold weather and prepare for a great growing season next spring.

Remember, if you need assistance, you can count on us! Frontier Landscaping is always just a phone call away: (888) 544-5006

Protect Sensitive Plants

Hopefully, most of the plants in your landscape are completely dormant and/or are cold-hardy. But if you have some plants that you know are just barely rated for your zone, take a little extra precaution to help them stay healthy this winter. We highly recommend adding a few inches of mulch around the base of plants to insulate their roots and keep the soil from freezing. You can also cover plants entirely with floating row cover and frost blankets.

Spray Dormant Trees

Spray your fruit trees with dormant spray to help prevent pest infestations in the coming year. Dormant sprays kill off any resting insect eggs and larvae as well as protect from new ones coming in. Spraying will help ensure a healthy, blemish-free crop for the coming year.

It’s Pruning Time

Winter is the best time to prune your fruit trees! They are now dormant and ready to be trimmed back. This is so important for both the shape and size of the tree as well as the future fruit harvest. If you need help, you can call on Frontier Tree Service.

water plants in winter

Water in Dry Weather

Though it may be cold out, we have been having some dry spells. In the absence of rain, we recommend watering trees and shrubs once a week. Water right at the soil line to avoid getting leaves wet (this can lead to damage in below-freezing temperatures). A slow drip is the best option to help plants thrive in cold, dry weather.

Prevent Frozen Pipes

Disconnect any outdoor hoses and wrap the faucets in a towel or bubble wrap to keep pipes from freezing. If it’s really cold, you might want to leave your sink cupboards open to let warm air in, and leave a small drip going indoors, to keep water flowing.

Additional Services:

Contact our Maintenance department for mulching, watering and plant care needs. (888) 544-5006

Contact Frontier Tree Service for pruning, dormant spray and more. (888) 544-5006

Winterize your Sprinklers!

Protect your sprinkler system from damage this winter! Frontier Landscaping can help.



Your sprinkler system has no doubt done its duty this year. We’ve had some very dry weather and plants have needed plenty of water. Luckily, the dry summer season is wrapping up and it will soon be time to shut down our sprinkler systems for the year. It is important to properly winterize your irrigation to prevent damage over the winter.

Frontier Landscaping offers professional sprinkler winterization to protect your system and prepare it for winter. To winterize a sprinkler system, we remove all the water from the entire system then shut all the mechanics down for the year. Our irrigation team will go through each zone and blow out or drain 80% of the water from your pipes, heads and backflows so they don’t freeze and crack during the winter. This can save you a TON of money in repairs and new pipe next spring. When it’s time to get going again in the spring, we come back to start it up again, make sure it is working properly and perform Backflow testing to ensure that the water quality is up to standards.

Frontier Landscaping offers full irrigation winterization for all types of systems.

Learn more about our sprinkler services here.

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Winter Pruning Brings Summer Fruit

Oct fruit tree pruning

Each change of season means different chores around the landscape. One important winter chore is taking care of fruit trees. The very best time to do this is between the dormant months of November and February. You can try it yourself or call on the Frontier Tree Service for help.

Why Winter?

Once the weather cools, fruit trees enter a dormant state, where most of its energy is stored in the trunk and center of the tree. It’s possible to remove branches and even large sections without affecting the health of the tree. When they begin to grow again in spring, they can develop new, vigorous shoots!

Why Do Fruit Trees Pruning?

Pruning is so important for proper fruit tree growth and production. It helps to determine the shape of the trees and keep them at a manageable size for harvesting. It also increases fruit production and helps to keep the trees healthy. Tree pruning promotes new, healthy growth and removes old, dead, diseased, and damaged limbs. It helps the tree to develop a strong framework to hold the weight of the fruit and opens up the canopy to allow light into lower branches. Light penetration is essential to flower bud development and also helps fruit to set properly.

Fruit Tree PRuning

Fruit Tree in need of pruning: it needs to be thinned to allow light in as well as shaped for better production.

How Do You Prune A Fruit Tree?

Pruning techniques can differ by species so it is best to do some research before attempting this on your own.  Find out if your tree sets fruit on old wood or new wood as this will help determine where to making pruning cuts. You also need to determine how often your tree needs to be pruned and how severely to cut it back. By researching your tree types, you can learn a lot about their individual needs.

Note: Even young fruit trees need pruning! In fact, some of the most important pruning cuts are made in the first 5 years of a tree’s life, as it determines its lifelong shape.

Frontier Tree Service Can Help

Frontier Tree Service has experts on staff that understand the pruning needs of different varieties of fruit trees. We can work them into the shape and size you need, while increasing the health of the tree. Contact us today to consult about your trees.


Stop those Weeds before they Start!

You can prevent spring weeds by stopping them before they even sprout! Consider applying pre-emergent to your flower beds to catch weeds early.

Flower beds

We all work hard, each year, to keep strong and vigorous weeds from taking over our flower beds and planting areas. They are unsightly and, worse, they compete for sunlight and nutrients with the plants we love. That is why it can be a good idea to prevent spring weeds from ever taking a foothold in your landscape.

Most weeds produce seeds in the summer and fall, spreading themselves all over your yard. These seeds are dormant in the soil throughout the winter until the temperatures heat up again in springtime. Pre-emergent herbicide application will prevent seed germination by inhibiting a key enzyme in the seed. They stop those overwintering weed seeds from ever growing.



Timing is everything!

It is crucial to catch weeds before they germinate. A warm spell in February can mean that it is already too late. We recommend applying pre-emergent herbicide to your landscape and planting beds in January for the best results. Apply a thorough dose to your entire property to give you an incredible jump start on a beautiful, weed-free garden this year!




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