Enjoy your garden day and night while enhancing the security of your home with the use of outdoor lighting. We install and maintain many types of outdoor lighting, from overhead to ground, often using low voltage to create that perfect ambience. Let your summer evenings extend into the night with the use of outdoor lighting! Light the pathway to your doorstep and give your garden an evening glow.


Frontier Landscaping installs low-voltage outdoor lighting- perfect for any path, in between garden plants or around your deck, water feature or patio! We run the wires and install the lights, making sure the entire system runs smoothly and looks beautiful.

We also offer LED lights for outdoor lighting, both for new and existing installations. The cost is slightly higher initially but LED lights save you tons of money in the long run. Each bulb lasts much longer than a regular light bulb, so they don’t need to be replaced as often. Low-wattage LED lights use much less electricity than the standard bulb and waste less energy by staying cool. This equates to large savings on your electricity bill over time and they are environmentally friendly! You can save yourself money while preserving the environment! Plus, LED lights have a dreamy, candlelight look that gives a wonderful affect in the garden, especially on a warm spring evening.

We only use high-quality brands, when installing outdoor lighting. We trust Hadco, Vista and FX for most of our installations and we see fantastic results! Contact us today to get a quote on installing (or retro-fitting) LED outdoor lights in your home and garden. Get ready to enjoy the night!

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