They say you plant a tree for the next generation, but if it’s got nice fall foliage,
even the smallest of specimens will bringĀ autumn joy from the start.

autumn leaves - hillside of

This is the time of year to scout out the neighborhood and local nurseries to see trees while they’re changing to determine which appeal to you most. Fortunately, it’s also a fine time to plant; cooler temperatures and rains ahead help trees become well established before next year’s warm season.

Here are a few of Frontier Landscaping’s favorite trees for fantastic fall foliage, many that provide year-round interest, either by their structure, bark, berries or other appealing traits.

fall foliage

Japanese maple

The Japanese maple (Acer palmatum), takes the cake for its vast array of graceful forms and breathtaking fall colors. All maples have the two-winged seed pods kids call ‘helicopters.’

Mountain ash (Sorbus) is valued for its showy flowers and even showier fruit; most have leaves that turn yellow. In winter the birds feast on the well-ripened berries. Some varieties work for smaller yards; others will climb slowly to 40-50 feet in the air.

fall foliage


Stewartia (Stewartia pseudocamellia) is a slow-growing, all-season performer: fresh green leaves make way for white, cup-shaped white flowers and colorful fall foliage turning orange-red to purple as the season progresses. Then the leaves fall, revealing marvelous bark that is continually flaking off to uncover a patchwork of green, gray, brown, rust, terra cotta and cream.

Dogwood trees offer attractive foliage and blossoms. The dogwood (Cornus) group includes some with spectacular fruit or colorful winter bark. Leaves of many types turn brilliant colors in the fall.

Parrotia persica is a choice, colorful tree that looks good in all seasons, its most dramatic display coming in the fall when its leaves progress from lush greens to golden yellow to orange or rosy pink and finally scarlet. In winter, smooth gray bark flakes off to reveal white patches; showy in the winter landscape.

fall foliage parrotia tree


Let Frontier Landscaping help you plan for a spectacular leaf display next fall. Our team of experts will guide you in selecting all sorts of trees for your unique landscape. This can include some of fall’s finest, whether for a single specimen tree or a multi-hued grove of stunning autumn color. We do every layer of landscaping: design, construction and installation, planting, maintenance and expert tree care.