Height: 50 feet

Spread: 20 feet

The Blue Spruce is a vibrant, excellent specimen tree that works well in all types of landscapes. Because of its unusual blue-tinged foliage, it looks fantastic in winter and works well with a backdrop of more classically green conifers. The Blue Spruce has stout, large branches with short, pointy needles that range in color from bright green to a silvery blue. It is a hardy, sturdy tree that can handle areas of high wind and other harsh elements. It grows in a distinguished pyramidal form and requires very little pruning to keep this shape. It is a low-maintenance tree with few disease and pest issues. While it can reach up to 50 feet tall, it does grow quite slowly and has a fairly long life expectancy.

Plant Blue Spruces in full sunlight only. It is a very tolerant tree so plant it in your most difficult areas of high wind, low moisture and poor soil. It can tolerate urban pollution and does not require a specific pH. The only condition it does not handle well is standing water so make sure to plant it in an area of proper drainage.

Use Blue Spruce to freshen up your winter garden! Bring in some year-round interest! We can help you locate and plant these and any other plants. Winter is a fine time to plant trees and shrubs. Contact us today to discuss the possibilities.