low voltage outdoor lightingEnhance your home’s nighttime curb appeal, increase its security and make it more user friendly through the use of low-voltage landscape lighting.

Low voltage systems have a step-down transformer that, plugged into an outdoor receptacle, converts your home’s 120V line to low voltage (vs. lighting directly off the house line). Add to that performance, relative ease of installation and economy and it’s easy to see why low-voltage outdoor lighting continues to grow in popularity, resulting in an ever-increasing range of types and styles.

Coming in at night with groceries or a kid in your arms, is it then necessary for you to tread cautiously in (locating and) climbing the back stairs? Such situations are justification for outdoor lighting of any sort. Driveways, walkways, steps and entrances are a great place to start.

You can extend the practicality of your yard by making possible to play basketball or work on the car by night. Wall-mounted lights may be the answer; these also increase security. Motion detectors can be convenient and save energy.

You can get really creative in lighting outdoor living areas; even install dimmers to achieve proper ambiance over the course of an evening.outdoor lighting - deck stairs-editing

Got a great garden? Why not flaunt it by night? Using overhead, in-ground and other types of fixtures you’ll create after-dark excitement – and deter trespassers at the same time.

Lighting the outside of your home is not difficult, but an evening stroll around the neighborhood reveals it’s easy to make mistakes: shadow-shrouded front doors, walks that are unsafe to tread by night, decks and patios rendered useless after sundown – or exteriors lit like maximum security prisons.
The Frontier Landscaping team will help you steer clear of such ‘missteps’ and find the types and styles of lighting to achieve the purpose and effect you’re looking for. Call today!