Winter is nearly upon us and, with the holidays just around the corner, we want to help you finish out the 2012 season by taking care of your irrigation system. It needs to be properly shut down and cared for to keep it safe from damage over the winter. 


Photo thanks to Rain Bird

Have you had your irrigation system winterized yet? Don’t get caught with frozen pipes this winter! Irrigation winterization is best done by licensed professionals with the proper equipment. We can help! Frontier will come to your home to prepare your pipes for the coming cold. Our skilled team will go through each zone and blow out or drain 80% of the water from your pipes, heads and backflows so they don’t freeze and crack during the winter. Frontier Landscaping offers full irrigation winterization for all types of systems.


Our skilled team will look at your irrigation and either drain or blow out the entire system, to remove most of the water. This will prevent any damage over the winter and will put your system safely to rest for the winter. When it’s time to get going again in the spring, we can help you start it back up again!


Don’t wait too long have this done! We are now moving into the cold season so call us today to make your appointment. It is much more cost-effective to winterize your irrigation than it is to replace parts in the spring. We look forward to hearing from you!


Call us today to set up your appointment: (360) 574- 8979 or contact us here.


Happy Holidays!

We hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Looking ahead into the holiday season, we wanted to let you know that we can help you get your yard looking trim for the season. Our maintenance crew can spruce up your yard before guests arrive. We are also available for help after the holidays. We’ll be providing Christmas tree chipping this year, to help recycle those trees into the New Year. Contact us today!