Paving stones have a way of getting around.

pavers, retaining wall, paving stonesIt may start with a new path from the street to your front door so guests don’t have to traverse the front lawn, or one that directs them to the correct entrance of your home.

We can configure them to fit nearly any shape, size or scope of project; they may be used to meet a number of landscape goals and do a good job letting water drain through. Most exciting, with the many styles and sizes available, there’s no end to the designs you can dream up. That’s why pavers are one of Frontier Landscaping’s favorite things to install.

Maybe that front path, you realize, should extend around your home’s perimeter, allowing you to take out the¬†trash without getting your feet dirty. Once around to the back, wouldn’t it be nice to continue onto a beautiful patio, perhaps of cottage stones in hues of gray, perhaps with a drain to make bathing the dog less of a chore. Hard as rock, but amazingly flexible in the configurations possible.

Frontier’s construction experts are well versed in laying pavers and installing other hardscape materials through a series of steps that result in a neat finished product that will stand the test of time.

Want a fire pit right there? Go for it! Work around an existing tree or plan for a future water feature. Create retaining walls; terrace a slope; make bridges, steps, driveways… sky’s the limit!