cozy backyard patio with privacy landscaping

When you are trying to unwind and enjoy your outdoor space, the last thing you want to worry about is privacy. A privacy landscape design can give you back your space.
Frontier Landscaping provides custom privacy landscaping for homeowners in Vancouver and the surrounding areas.

Whether you want to install a water feature or add greenery with a hedge fence, there are privacy landscaping options to suit any style.


Layer Your Planting

layering plants in your back yard creates privacy in your landscaping

Place the tallest plants and trees in the areas you want to block from view. Start with taller trees or shrubs along the perimeter, and then work your way down with shorter plants, ornamental grasses, and flowers. This multi-level approach not only offers privacy but also adds depth and texture to your landscape.



Plant Shrubs Near Your Fence

planting shrubs near a fence for privacy landscaping

If the fence around your property doesn’t provide enough privacy, you can plant shrubs or hedges near the fence line. The layer of greenery adds an extra layer between you and your neighbor while making your property feel more secluded.

Some shrubs and hedges lose their leaves as seasons change, so consider how much privacy you need year-round when choosing your plants. Evergreen plants provide year-round coverage and look beautiful through every season.

Your landscaping team has the training to plant the shrubs and hedges in the perfect place so they have room to grow without the root systems combining and causing serious problems.



Water Features

water fountains drown out sounds, creating privacy in your landscaping

Privacy isn’t just about keeping others from seeing you, it’s also about keeping them from hearing you. A water feature adds relaxing background noise while you enjoy your outdoor space while preventing neighbors from overhearing your private conversations.

A custom water feature can also help dampen sounds of nearby traffic and noise your neighbors make as they spend time outside. Whether it’s a small pond surrounded by lush vegetation or a cascading waterfall wall, water features add calm while helping you enjoy your private yard.



Add a Retaining Wall

retaining walls boost privacy landscaping.

Retaining walls have a dual purpose. They boost privacy and add stability to your landscape. A stone retaining wall gives you extra space to plant flowers while preventing erosion and other property damage.

You can choose from a number of materials for your retaining wall, including brick, stacked stone, or concrete. A retaining wall is a great way to add visual interest to your property while maintaining your privacy. When combined with native plants, you get a unique yard structure that is durable enough to last for many years with minimal maintenance.



Increase Your Privacy Through Custom Landscaping

You deserve to enjoy your backyard without worrying about curious neighbors watching your every move. Privacy landscaping gives you the option of installing a water feature, living fence, or a soil berm to create a private space that adds to your home’s value.

It’s always a good time to invest in your property and your privacy. For a free quote from Frontier Landscaping in Vancouver, Washington, fill out the online contact form or call: 360-574-8979.