Landscape Revamp

Spring will be arriving soon and it’s time to plan for the coming season. What fun ideas do you have for your yard this year? Is it time for a change? We’re here to help. There are many ways to improve your yard and change up the look of your landscape. Whether you have a new inspiration you want to try or part of your yard is old, tired or broken, Frontier Landscaping can help you turn those plans into reality.

If you don’t know where to get started, click on our Photo Gallery for inspiration. And check out a few of our ideas!

Out with the Old, In with the New

Get rid of any old, tired plants that have spent their attractive, useful years. If they are diseased, old or just plain ugly, it’s time for an upgrade. There are so many gorgeous plants to choose from. Whether you need a new focal point, a fantastic shade tree or new border perennials or a hedge, adding in new plants can change the whole look of your landscape.

Add in Special Features

Elevate your landscape with the addition of some fun and fanciful garden pieces. Including small fountains, statuary and other features can add elegance and interest to your landscape instantly. Try adding a pond or waterfall for an even more transformative look.

landscape revamp

Create a Theme Garden

Do you have an interest in specialty plants? Perhaps you’ve thought about creating a bonsai or fairy garden? What about a native habitat for birds and wildlife? Whatever your interest or inspiration, consider creating a theme garden in a portion of your landscape. With the right plants and the addition of well-placed statues, benches or other garden art, you can create a whole new world within your own backyard. Carve out a little corner, just for you.

Try Growing Edibles

We are blessed with a mild climate, here in the Northwest, that is ideal for growing all different types of edible plants. Fruit trees and berry bushes grow like weeds with our wet, cool winters. Try growing your own herbs for cooking or even put in a couple of raised beds for growing seasonal vegetables. There are even several native, wild plants that have delicious edible berries that make attractive landscape plants. Try growing something delicious this year!

edibles terraced retaining wall

So what’s your inspiration for the 2020 season? We want to know! Contact us today to discuss your ideas and we can help you get started.