Investing in Curb Appeal adds tangible value to your home. Did you know that fixing safety issues increases your home’s curb appeal too??

Is your house the one that didn’t get visited this Halloween?

Frontier Landscaping offers landscape lighting.Improve visibility with better landscape lighting. Replace those garish flood-lights that cast bright spots and deep shadows, with softer lighting to enhance your welcoming front door. Make your front walk visible, placing lights strategically at steps and corners, instead of creating an airport runway to the door. One new trend is Moon-Lighting; mimicking the cast of moonshadows by highlight featured trees and plantings along your front walk. Read more about using low-voltage LEDs and let our design and installation team turn your home from spooky to stunning!

Worried about Winter Winds?

Frontier Landscaping offers tree pruning services in Vancouver, WA.Are you struggling to reach your door, ducking under branches and around that shrub that is swallowing your sidewalk? Proper pruning keeps branches from crashing down in our winter wind storms. Our professionals keep an eye on the health of your trees, noticing any summer drought stress, overgrown branches, or insect damage. Our skilled tree service can assess your tree health, provide fungal/insect treatments, install cabling and bracing, or safely remove any dead or diseased wood. With skilled pruning your trees will be healthier and you can be worry-free.

Narrow, overgrown walkways cramping your style?

Landscape maintenance in Vancouver, WA.

Nandina domestica Gulfstream, courtesy Great Plant Picks

Just shearing plants to clear the walk leaves unsightly edges and shortens the life of your landscape investment. Our team keeps an eye out for new plant selections that perform well in our local landscapes. Construction Manager Shaun Schmitt recommends the new Nandina Gulfstream, with its colorful foliage in all seasons, and its compact shape. Native plants are also perfectly suited to our growing conditions, but choosing the ones that work best in urban landscapes requires knowledge of how they grow over time.   Proper plant placement with these considerations in mind, results in a better looking landscape, and safe front walk.


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