Flagstone patio with bowl fire pit and boulder seating

Flagstone is a time-honored classic when hardscaping for long-term beauty and character around a home. Its durability, natural beauty, and ease of care are well-documented. Running a close second for hardscape design projects are pavers, which share many of the benefits of flagstone plus a few more. Long-lasting and beautiful, they are also environmentally friendly and can be used to achieve formal or relaxed settings in your yard and garden.

Flagstone Features: Function and Beauty
Flagstone is well-suited for patios, walkways, and stepping stones with its natural non-slip surface. It’s easy to clean for everyday use and ages well–looking more distinguished and beautiful as time goes on.

Diverse shapes and striking, earth-toned colors convey a strong sense of natural beauty. An ordinary path or set of steps can become an eye-catching highlight and conversation piece when the rich reds, browns, yellows, blues, and grays are set against your landscape.

Flagstone patio and steps with orange flowers

Hardscape Design

While flagstone is often used for a patio, fire pit or outdoor dining room, large slabs can make a dramatic statement when used as steps or pathways. Incorporating plants and water features softens the look and provides rich texture in complementary colors.

flagstone path, landscaped bed with lighting  Frontier Landscaping water feature: flagstone steps and bridge

For a playful and more informal look, turf or hardy ground covers can be planted between the stones. Take this inviting approach one pleasing step further by using an aromatic ground cover like creeping thyme, mint, or chamomile.

The Rising Popularity of Pavers

Flagstone alone is not the only option for eco-friendly hardscaping. Resourceful design will often incorporate the use of complementary materials such as bricks or pavers. Pavers come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors that allow for a lot of creativity in patios, walkways, and even driveways. The snug fit between paving stones keeps surfaces weed-free, another bonus.

Paver path steps and retaining wall Pavers Peterson 8-6-15 007-tilt and crop paver patio with steps and fire pit

Benefits of Dry-Laid Construction for Flagstone and Pavers

At Frontier Landscaping, we install dry-laid flagstone and pavers, using a thick layer of compacted rock leveled with sand as the base for construction.

This method is more cost-effective than a mortared concrete installation, but the benefits don’t end there. Dry-laid construction generates significant environmental benefits as well: the permeable sand-and-rock base allows water to drain and filter through the layers of soil below, reducing runoff and limiting erosion.

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Frontier’s installation experts are well versed in laying flagstone, pavers, and other hardscape materials to deliver a beautifully finished product that will stand the test of time and add value to your home.

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